Lea Roback Foundation Scholarships

The Lea Roback Foundation seeks to promote education as a means for the self-realization and emancipation of everyone and to financially support women who wish to further their education.

2023-2024 Scholarships

People who are eligible

Women, who live in the Province of Quebec, who have financial needs and who are socially committed.

Amount of the scholarships

General scholarships range from $1,000 to $3,500; while the Madeleine-Parent and Hélène-Pedneault scholarships are $2,000 each, and at times, the latter can be awarded in conjunction with a general scholarship. In addition, five or six Pierre-Laurier-Baribeau scholarships and Fondation de la JOC scholarships are offered.

Study programmes

The eligible candidates are required to pursue their studies in the Province of Quebec, and the foregoing can go from literacy programs to undergraduate university studies inclusively.

Dates to keep in mind

April 1, 2023 : deadline for submitting an application.

Before June 15, 2023 : The Foundation will inform the candidates of who will be receiving a scholarship.

Before August 20, 2023: The retained candidates must send in a confirmation of their registration and Social Insurance Number (SIN). This formality is indispensable in order to receive the scholarship.

What does one do?

Carefully read the instructions indicated on the site and on the form. It is very important to answer all questions on the form

Complete the form. You can choose between :

  • Online form must be completed in one session. it is important to have the following documents saved in PDF: CV, 2 reference letters and letter of the candidate. We therefore recommend using this form.
  • Word form is available, you can download or print. It can be sent by email or by post.

Send in the form and the documents prior to the deadline.