$100 000 donation from JOC

Angèle Chagnon
In 1952, Angèle Chagnon was the President of the JOCF. 70 years later, she spoke to the former members of the JOC, at the last general meeting. Photo – Archives of the journal Le Front Ouvrier

Major news for our Foundation.

On Saturday, November 19, 2022, the general meeting of the Jeunesse ouvrière catholique (JOC) Foundation (Young Catholic Wor- kers) voted to disband itself and accordingly decided on how to distribute its remaining assets.

A Partnership Agreement with our Foundation was ratified, where the agreement stipulated a donation of $100,000. The foregoing monies will hence provide support, via our scholarship grants, to even more courageous women in need, who are engaged in their communities and who wish to further their education.

Lea Roback was a trade unionist who was committed to the furthering the education of working class women. A very clear link exists between the values defended by Lea Roback, the JOC’s mission since its inception and the role that our Foundation plays: education is an crucial instrument that enables people to improve their working and living conditions. It enables people to improve their working and living conditions.

Ghislaine Patry-Buisson
Ghislaine Patry-Buisson

We’d like to draw attention to the exceptional contribution made by Ghislaine Patry-Buisson, a former member of the Lea Roback Foundation Board of Directors, who was the initiator of the collaboration protocol plan between the JOC and our Foundation. Without her unwavering commitment in favour of education, her determination to see the JOC’s work live on by seeking out new avenues and her attachment to our Foundation, such a protocol would have never seen the light of day. On behalf of all the women who will benefit from the foregoing in the future, I’d like to express our very profound gratitude, recognition, and heartfelt friendship.